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The Best Journalism Teacher I Ever Had

Journalism provides so many people with an outlet to express themselves and also to bring the readers the knowledge about the world. However, not anyone can be successful writes, and only the best ones have the talent to capture the story and add spark to their articles.

You should keep in mind that these features don’t come naturally, they are developed over the time and through the years of schooling. I learned this from my early years.

Ever since I was a kid a love writing. But, back then, my talent and skills were raw. I would write about anything that grabbed my attention. Soon, my parents recognized my interested and pushed me to follow my dreams and I can’t thank them enough.

Sometimes, when you have the support and someone to encourage is better than any talent or skill you could ever have. Besides my parents who believed in me, there is also another person who help them my follow my dreams.

In the first year of journalism school, I met a journalism teacher Mr. James, who encouraged me to continue with this career path. To honest, our first encounter was somewhat unusual. We were given the assignment to complete over the weekend.

I was quite satisfied with how everything turned out, and I was hoping for the best results. Unfortunately, I was too confident because I receive a bad review for my work. At that moment I felt disappointed and a bit angry.

I couldn’t wait for the next class to come to address this issue and express my disapproval. He sat there patiently and waited for me to finish. We spent a couple of moments in silent, and I started feeling a bit uncomfortable, and then he told me one sentence that I will remember as long as I live, “you write with your heart, not mind.”

He then explained that my essay was excellent, but it lacks soul, personal touch, and inner strength. At that time, I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but he offered to help me build my style and shape my writing.

In some way, professor James became my mentor who will later mark my entire carries. He is one of the best people I’ve had the privilege to know. With his help, I learned not only about writing but also about people, the world, and the society we live in.