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Top Three Writing Tricks Recommended By Writing Coach

Whether you want to improve your writing skills or become an accomplished author, hiring a writing coach is a useful, but also expensive experience. If you’re going to explore your talent further, then here are a couple of tips and trick we got from writing coaches that will take your skills to another level.

Paint the scene at the beginning

Have you ever read one piece or story and imagined characters in one place, only to find two paragraphs later that room was light, not dark and the characters were surrounded with people and not alone, as you imagined?

This type of construction will not only confuse your readers but also frustrate them and take them out of the magical world they started creating. Instead of making this mistake, you should picture the scene in your mind and clear all the details at the beginning.

Be specific about the placement

Don’t make your readers guess the position of the characters. You can clarify each placement by using verbs, for example, she sat, or she stood. In order to write a clear scene, you should have a clear picture in your mind.

If you don’t have an idea where to place characters or if everything is still confusing in your mind, then you won’t be able to produce an excellent piece. Keep your descriptions sparse and straightforward and yet very clear. Otherwise, your readers won’t be able to understand the flow.

Make your readers draw the conclusion

Don’t go telling them that she was nervous or he was happy. Instead of this, make your characters do something that will show your readers their state of mind. For instance, nervous characters use the specific facial expression, a stutter, or wiping the sweat from his hands.

Your readers must conclude what the action means. In this case, they are staying engaged and interested. With this trick, the reader will try to guess the meaning of each activity and remain focused on the characters. Your piece will never be boring or dull.