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Become a Writing Coach For Public Schools In Three Steps

Various schools’ districts have different background and education requirements for writing coaches they employ. If you want to pursue this career path and become an established educator that will help kids improve their writing skills, then follow our guideline. We are going to show you how to become a writing coach and take your career to another level.

Establish yourself as a writer

Create a resume and promotional material that will define you as an expert writer. You should be prepared to show samples of your work during the interview and application process. You can also include a couple of examples with the CV you send.

The majority of schools require a cover letter as well. In this case, you should express why you want to help public school children, what qualifies you for that position and what experience do you have. All these features will determine whether your application will be accepted or not.

Determine the type of coaching you want to offer

When applying for this job position, you should talk about the different writing positions they have, similar to staff writer for a television show or news reporter. You should explain how your position will help students overcome issues with writing and teach them to tell stories.

Keep in mind that writing coach position isn’t only about storytelling, but also about language use. Your students need to be able to construct grammatically correct sentences and use language more effectively and efficiently.

Build a lesson plan

The lesson plant should support your curriculum. Every coach should teach his student to write better, not change their habits completely. Depending on students, you can either offer an online lesson or in person at home.

Even though, online lessons will provide you with a more flexible schedule, some student like personal involvement and teacher engagement. If you have a supplemental material, then they will appreciate your engagement more. The materials will assist them during the class, and you can always give them the list of reading materials or offer other recourses.