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Apply for AAJA Scholarships

Each scholarship has its demands and requirements. But, overall, they are gifts and don’t have to be repaid. There are thousands of them offered by the private companies, individuals, communities, religious groups, social organizations, and employers.

For example, some scholarships for college are merit-based, which means you have to earn them by meeting or exceeding certain standards. They can be awarded based on academic achievement or mixture of academics and unique talents. Other types are based on financial need.

A scholarship might cover the entire cost of your tuition, or it can be a one-time award. Either way, we think it’s worth applying for because it will help you decrease the costs of education.

When we are talking about AAJA Scholarship, there are specific requirements each candidate needs to meet. This is a scholarship for journalism, and it will facilitate this entire process.


Students who are committed to journalism, want to pursue this career and want to follow the AAJA’s mission.

Full-time undergraduate or graduate student who are taking journalism or related course and want to become professional journalists. Considering there are a couple of states who are awarding this scholarship, the preference will be given to students residing within the specific country.

The panel of judges reviews and approves all the applications. But, don’t worry, the selection process is independent and current student board members can apply.

The past scholarship winners will be declined.

The AAJA organization encourages all students who are in need of a scholarship to apply. For membership information, you can visit their website.

Some organizations require the applicant to volunteer at specific events. However, this is only a bonus feature, and it won’t affect your application.

The applicant must submit a resume, academic transcript, at least three work samples, in any combination. It can be video, photo or other media. Also, make sure to involve an essay and two letters of recommendation.

The entire process and be completed over the internet, so you don’t have to submit your application physically.

A $1,000 fee is applied toward educational expenses.

If you have additional questions, then make sure to get all the required information. Incomplete application will be rejected. Depending on the state you are applying, you will find a contact form on their website. Use this to ask about all the things you find confusing.

Pay attention to deadline and good luck with your application.