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How To Become A Writing Coach?

Showing students of any age how to improve their writing skills can be a rewarding experience for anyone who is an accomplished writer and enjoys this profession. However, teaching is not for everyone, and you need to be able to transfer knowledge on your students.

This job allows you a lot of flexibility, and you can mentor you clients at home, in a coffee shop and even online. You sent your hours and rates. If you want to peruse this career path, then you need to have excellent writing skills, as well as patients to teach those skills to others. So, here are a couple of steps on how to become a writing coach.

Identify the type of writing

When starting with this job, you need to identify what kind of writing coach services you want to provide and how much experience and skills do you possess. For instance, if your expertise is in writing plots and dialogs that will be performed on stage, or you have experience in this area, then you should be able to provide meaningful insight.

On the other hand, having an academic background, which can help you students incorporate research into a compelling story, is a crucial asset. Nowadays, writing coach jobs are in high demand, and you can have a lucrative career, only if you have the right set of skills.

Identify your clients

Not everyone requires writing coach services, so you need to identify possible clients and who have the ability to become better at writing. People who fall into this group might be high school student who wants to improve their term papers, or adult learners who want to try their hand at novels, or even international student who want to boost up their writing skills.

You have numerous possibilities, and maybe the last category will provide you with most of the work. Nowadays, English is the most popular second language, and many people are struggling with writing and spelling.

This is your opportunity to enhance your career and acquire a large number of students.

How will you teach

Due to an internet revolution, you no longer need to have classes in person. Now, the majority of teachers opt for online lessons because it’s convenient and comfortable. Regardless of the method, you choose to follow; you need to customize lessons plant to address student’s needs.

You should read their paper and then prepare the detailed analysis. If you have another full-time job, then providing coaching services might be a bit tricky. In this case, you can only offer classes at weekends or evenings.

On the other hand, teaching online provides you with numerous opportunities, and you don’t have to limit the number of clients. The reviewing process doesn’t require both parties to be present, and you can review a couple of papers for one day.

Make sure to research online how much other coaches are charging and then offer competitive prices. If you fee to too high, then no one will hire your services, no matter how good you are.

Start a website or a blog

If you are an advanced coach who has a lot of clients and you want to expand your business even further, then we advise you to launch a website. Here you can name the services you offer, schedule fees, write a brief biography and add a client’s questionnaire.

Try to find some time to write shot blogs that provide writing tips, grammar quizzes and recommended writing a list. This will help your client realize how dedicated you are towards this job and also they will learn something new. Hire a web designer that will shape everything and make a beautiful template for your online page.

Create an evaluation form

The evaluation form can be an excellent feature of one website. Here you can comment on various elements, such as their originality, quality of the content, organization, knowledge of the material, focus, perspective, spelling, tone and many more.

This provides students with helpful insight. They will know what to focus their attention and offer you a starting point for a customized lesson plan. You can do this in narrative form, or just make a list of things where you will rank their skills. Make sure to provide concrete examples to support each ranking you give.

Work on marketing

If you want to be seen or noticed, then you need to work on marketing and promoting your services. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one has ever heard of you. Depending on your teaching style, you can either drop off flyers and brochures at high schools, college campuses, coffee shops and anywhere you can recognize your clients, or you can boost up online marketing.

Present your best features and offer unique solutions because it’s the only way to get clients to trust you.

Top Three Writing Tricks Recommended By Writing Coach

Whether you want to improve your writing skills or become an accomplished author, hiring a writing coach is a useful, but also expensive experience. If you’re going to explore your talent further, then here are a couple of tips and trick we got from writing coaches that will take your skills to another level.

Paint the scene at the beginning

Have you ever read one piece or story and imagined characters in one place, only to find two paragraphs later that room was light, not dark and the characters were surrounded with people and not alone, as you imagined?

This type of construction will not only confuse your readers but also frustrate them and take them out of the magical world they started creating. Instead of making this mistake, you should picture the scene in your mind and clear all the details at the beginning.

Be specific about the placement

Don’t make your readers guess the position of the characters. You can clarify each placement by using verbs, for example, she sat, or she stood. In order to write a clear scene, you should have a clear picture in your mind.

If you don’t have an idea where to place characters or if everything is still confusing in your mind, then you won’t be able to produce an excellent piece. Keep your descriptions sparse and straightforward and yet very clear. Otherwise, your readers won’t be able to understand the flow.

Make your readers draw the conclusion

Don’t go telling them that she was nervous or he was happy. Instead of this, make your characters do something that will show your readers their state of mind. For instance, nervous characters use the specific facial expression, a stutter, or wiping the sweat from his hands.

Your readers must conclude what the action means. In this case, they are staying engaged and interested. With this trick, the reader will try to guess the meaning of each activity and remain focused on the characters. Your piece will never be boring or dull.



Become a Writing Coach For Public Schools In Three Steps

Various schools’ districts have different background and education requirements for writing coaches they employ. If you want to pursue this career path and become an established educator that will help kids improve their writing skills, then follow our guideline. We are going to show you how to become a writing coach and take your career to another level.

Establish yourself as a writer

Create a resume and promotional material that will define you as an expert writer. You should be prepared to show samples of your work during the interview and application process. You can also include a couple of examples with the CV you send.

The majority of schools require a cover letter as well. In this case, you should express why you want to help public school children, what qualifies you for that position and what experience do you have. All these features will determine whether your application will be accepted or not.

Determine the type of coaching you want to offer

When applying for this job position, you should talk about the different writing positions they have, similar to staff writer for a television show or news reporter. You should explain how your position will help students overcome issues with writing and teach them to tell stories.

Keep in mind that writing coach position isn’t only about storytelling, but also about language use. Your students need to be able to construct grammatically correct sentences and use language more effectively and efficiently.

Build a lesson plan

The lesson plant should support your curriculum. Every coach should teach his student to write better, not change their habits completely. Depending on students, you can either offer an online lesson or in person at home.

Even though, online lessons will provide you with a more flexible schedule, some student like personal involvement and teacher engagement. If you have a supplemental material, then they will appreciate your engagement more. The materials will assist them during the class, and you can always give them the list of reading materials or offer other recourses.

Three Reasons To Become A Writing Coach

Being a writing coach is satisfying, but also demanding work experience. If you are in this business, then you know what challenges we face every day. Working with different groups and meeting their expectations can be tough.

But, there is also a fun side of this work. You get the immense satisfaction when your clients perfect their skills and become successful writers, which later provides you with many writing coach jobs.


Coaching job is all about helping authors get their books into the world. One of the disadvantages of working in the traditional publishing world is when you have to say no to one piece. But also, coaching can revise no into yes.

For anyone who wants to make progress, will always get my recommendation. People who want to work on themselves and who want to achieve something big will always get my support and this the most rewarding part of this coaching job.

Live events

When you are working with people, from time to time, you have to attend live events. This is an excellent opportunity to meet talented authors and help them develop their skills further.

Regardless of the place you choose, you get to hang out with the most amazing people and expand your influence on their work. You don’t have to always talk about the coaching services; clients can also provide you a helpful insight, tell you their demands and requirements. This can be a useful insight to understand their needs and meet their expectations.

Personal satisfaction

There is nothing better than helping someone fulfill his dreams. However, we often neglect the importance of gratitude. Always chasing for the next important thing, we forget to enjoy this journey.

But, when you sit back, relax and start thinking about all the people you have helped, you then realize how lucky you are. You have an opportunity to do the job that you love and still help writers to do the same.

So, always be grateful for what you have and remember that not many people have the same chance.