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While Student Media Presence Remains Strong In Schools Only One Third Have Online Media

In the last couple of years, our education systems seem to be adapting the online changes that have occurred in schools, universities, and colleges around the world. Deciding to pursue an online program can be intimidating for students and teaches as well.

You need to be organized and prepared for changes, and this type of program can facilitate the entire college or high school experience. However, colleges and universities appear to be more advanced in this process than high school. They offer their students online programs, exam taking, grading, and timetables, while high schools seem to be lacking in this department.

If the majority of schools had implemented online platforms, then things would have been much more comfortable. For example, you could look at your schedule, download homework and even receive grades through an online system.

So far, only one-third of schools in the U.S. have such online platform which supports all the mentioned features, even though student media remains strong.  But, we should explore this option further. If all the schools developed this type of system, then our kids wouldn’t be under such pressure.

In this case, they could get all the information from the website. Let’s say your kid forgot his homework at school, of he can’t remember what teacher told him. Within a couple of seconds, you could access the page and get all the required information.

The same rule applies to teachers. They could grade students online, leave a comment about performance and tell them how and what to learn. In this case, parents can always be in touch with his kid’s academic achievement.

Even if you are working long hours and don’t have much time to pay attention to your child’s needs, you can always check his grades and teacher comments through an online system.

However, as we mentioned earlier, not many schools are rushing to implement this online platform. We are still stuck on pen and paper, even though some advocacy groups are trying to change that. If parents, teachers, and lawmakers realized how easy this could be, we would be going through a second internet revolution.

As a member of society, we play an essential role in shaping our kids’ future, and we must fight for their well-being.